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About Us

Evolve Communications is a brand marketing and communications consulting group with over 10 years of experience developing brands for various health care and not for profit organizations.

Let us help you tell your story in a way that drives customers to your business and increases your bottom line.

We’re so confident in our approach to capture the value of your business that we maintain a policy not to charge you anything unless you want to keep us on your team. Sound weird? That’s because it is. We’re not your average consulting group – we know that if you succeed, we succeed, seriously.

Give us a call today to learn more about our no-risk approach to our relationships with clients.

Digital Solutions

If you’re not up on social yet, you better make sure you get on that fast. Having a facebook page and, or an Instagram is not enough.  You need a story, you need a narrative, what is your business about? What kind of experience can I expect at your business?

We can help you come up with the answer, that’s what we’re good at.

Brand Identity

When’s the last time you went to Kmart? Chances are pretty slim. Your brand is your lifeblood and we’ll help you build an awesome one. (No shade to Kmart) Whether its logo creation to website design, email marketing to video, we have you completely covered. We aim to please!


Let’s get the word out about your business. Traditional, Digital and Social media is mandatory for reaching your audience. Each one has its own unique benefit, we’ll use them all.

Media Relations

Does your business deal with the press? Do you want to have an event that the entire community will know about? Our relationships with local bay area press make us ready to take on everything from a sale at your store, to a live on-camera video interview. We love this stuff!

Communication is always evolving. Lead the pack!

Be bold and brave, let your business step out of its own comfort zone and let it be as awesome as you know it can be.

Videography, Motion Graphics & Explainer Videos

Video is getting more popular every day. Video is authentic and video can tell a story in a way that words can’t. Our talented team will create a video for your business that has real impact.

Web Design

Websites should be simple, informative and easy to navigate. We’ll help create a positive online experience for your customer whether they’re using their phone, or computer.

Graphic Design

A good design can make your next advertisement your best investment yet. We create engaging ads that create relationships with your customers, and build brand loyalty.

Your Own Personal
Marketing Team

Web & mobile solutions

Our team understands what it takes to make a website successful. We’ll track your daily visitors and identify trends with your consumer base. We’ll help you gain a whole new insight into what kinds of people are looking at your business, and use that information to help bring those folks into your business!

Corporate Websites

Who our clients are:
– Small Business
– Law Practices
– Retail
– Food and Restaurant
– Hospitals
– Physicians
– Dental Practices
– Orthodontics Practices
– Cannabis Dispensaries
– Non-profit organizations

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Customer Mobilization

We realize you may not be the only business in town, which is why we go the extra mile to do better than the competition, every time. We keep track of your competition, what their strategies are, and how to make customers engage with your business first.

Internal Communications and Customer Service

If you have staff, it’s important that they’re on board with your brand and your business. Your employees should build your brand as well as your business. We’ll come in and train your staff on the best customer service skills around, as well as creating a strong and positive work environment for your business.

Ready to get started?

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation in person, telephone, or via email. We know you’re busy, we’re ready to work on your time and answer any questions you may have at all. Our risk-free, no-hassle approach makes this a stress-free process.

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